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KIFS Staff

We provide the highest quality of therapeutic services for children in foster care due to neglect, abuse, and dependency.

Our mission is to ensure that each individual child thrives in the therapeutic setting. We offer services that span the continuum of care with focus on the child’s physical, psychological, and social well-being.


Executive Director

Jessica Schneider MSW, CSW


Kristina Myers

Program Director

Treatment Director

Terry Nelson LCSW

Case Managers & Therapists

Once a child is placed with foster parents, our caseworkers are here to support the foster child by conducting regular visits to ensure the child is safe and receiving adequate care. Our caseworkers may also arrange outside services the child may need.

Our case managers develop close knit relationships with the families they serve so they can better meet their needs. This is one of the aspects of our organization that sets us apart and allows us to provide the highest quality of service and make the greatest impact.


Jacqueline Unkrich

Case Manager & Therapist

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Fay Blevins

Case Manager

“I know most families have to base their decision on whether or not to accept a kid into their home based on the child's records...but, these kids are FAR more than their records. The records are determined by an infinite number of factors and are pretty subjective. Also, a kid will respond differently based on environment and parenting style. If anyone has ever been interested they can do the training for FREE with no obligation. Start with respite so foster parents can go on a date night, and see if you want to get more involved from there.”

- Fay Blevins


James McDonough

Case Manager & Therapist


Arlena Centers

Samantha Woods


Board of Directors

The KIFS Board of Directors is one of the keys to our success. Their contributions, wise counsel and patient advice have been invaluable.


Sharla Lake

Jami Thompson

Katie Burke

Jalisa Elkins

Krista Dyer

Joanna Surgener

Kaitlynn Kerley