Working Through Trauma with Mindfulness: Project Yoga, Mint Yoga Studio & KIFS

Over 30,000 individuals in Greater Cincinnati have learned the practices of yoga and mindfulness from Project Yoga. We're on the ground, in places where at-risk, in crisis or in need is a daily refrain.  

Project Yoga is pleased to be part of Cincinnati's movement towards 'whole person' approaches to mental health, wellness, physical strength, and resiliency.

Project Yoga gives underserved communities a chance to experience the emotional and physical well being that can result from the practices of yoga and mindfulness. Yoga postures are challenging--even the simplest ones build strength, flexibility and resiliency from the inside out. We teach breathing techniques, showing how the act of breathing mirrors how we feel. We hone the skills of mindfulness. We teach how to be patient and gentle with ourselves. How to respond rather than react to difficult emotions, pain and stress. To us, learning how to stand on one foot is not as important as learning how to fall and get back up. - Learn more about Project Yoga

Gina Fennell, executive director of Project Yoga

Gina Fennell, executive director of Project Yoga

KIFS recently received a grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to develop a yoga and mindfulness for trauma program for our foster children. Studies have shown promising results for people who have experienced trauma. “Initial study results revealed that participation in trauma-informed gentle yoga leads to a significant reduction (over 30 percent) in symptoms of post-traumatic stress, including fewer intrusive thoughts and less dissociation from the body. By the end of the study (after only 10 weeks of yoga) several women in the yoga group no longer met diagnostic criteria for PTSD.” - Read more of this article from Yoga International

KIFS reached out to Mint Yoga Studio in Fort Thomas, KY to see if they would be willing to work something out with us. Tiffany Brennan, owner and yoga instructor at Mint, didn’t hesitate to partner with us. She immediately wrote back that Mint would love to host the program with the assistance of Project Yoga Cincinnati. 

KIFS kids doing yoga with Project Yoga

KIFS is absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this program to our foster children and will be sharing their reflections on the program at the end! If you are interested in supporting Project Yoga or donating to help making this program ongoing for our KIFS kids please get in touch!

Project Yoga Cincinnati is a treasure of an organization. Their mission is to bring the healing power and empowerment of yoga to underserved communities. Their instuctors are trained in trauma based practices and are able to gently guide students of all levels to develop their own practice.

Gina Fennell is the executive director of Project Yoga and the instructor for the KIFS group. Gina is a brilliant yoga instructor. She is intuned with the group, creates a safe and explorative atmosphere, inspires her students to explore their edges, and gets results. Our students came back from their first session enthusiastic and looking forward to the next session.

KIFS kids doing yoga
Nicolette Meade