What's Your Super Power? Weekly Group Therapy Inspires

Our foster children meet up every week during the summer for group therapy. They work with our wonderful staff of case managers and therapists to develop coping skills and work through trauma. The basis of our mission at KIFS is supporting and placing children in homes that can support them on a successful journey to being able to live a full, healthy and normal life.

James, one of our therapists, has been working with a group of boys ages 4 - 12 on a weekly series that hones in on helpful therapeutic coping skills such as deep breathing and visualization to aid them in the healing process. He developed a program based on superpowers, having each boy imagine themselves with “freeze-breath” (deep breathing technique) and figuring out who their real life “side kicks” are (supportive people such as counselors, siblings, foster parents, therapists, etc.).

James and Nicolette in Group Therapy

For the remainder of the summer James and Nicolette, one of newer staff members, will incorporate art elements such as figure drawing, painting, and sketching into the program to further develop the concepts and build the confidence of the boys.

We are so excited to see our foster children take on new projects and expand their own abilities. We are always thinking of ways to enrich the lives of our foster families with new programs and opportunities!

If you would like to donate funding, art supplies, sketchbooks, or craft item that we may be able to turn into something for our KIFS kids please get in touch with us!

Nicolette Meade