Tapping into the Creative

Weaving, painting, and drawing alongside the KIFS kids over the past few weeks has been absolutely amazing and incredibly inspiring. Exploring with colors and textures, using one’s hands in simple ways to move and build something interesting, beautiful, thoughtful. Creating is a way to reflect, to be still in a way that can feel safe and soothes the mind.

One of our brilliant KIFS kids immersed himself in weaving and has created several pieces, sitting for hours watching the seeming magic of a tapestry grow from strings into an artwork. He worked at both the large loom and on a small individual loom. Because he doesn’t have a loom at home we made one out of an egg carton for him to work on at home!

Thank you to the many art supply donations we have received in the form of bags of yarn! Our kids are loving hot pink and brightly dyed yarns right now! We’ll take anything you’ve got!

Exploring the weaving process

Exploring the weaving process

Another one of our artists dug her heels into painting and created two stunning pieces with soft colorscapes overlaid with words and silhouette-type outlines. She wrote:

My art piece is an inspiration because it signifies how little you can start out with and how much progress you can obtain in over a couple of months. I created this painting because it contains a lot of positive emotions and signifies peace with myself and my past. This painting and every painting has a story behind it, it’s your job to figure the true meaning of art.

Several other KIFS kids explored with watercolor and acrylics creating abstract paintings they later spoke eloquently about.

Watercolor on canvas by one of our KIFS kids

Watercolor on canvas by one of our KIFS kids

Interested in supporting our KIFS programs? Have any art supplies sitting around you want to put to use? We are always looking for ways to spark our kids curiosity and brilliance!

Nicolette Meade