Stories from Our KIFS Kids! Therapeutic Horseback Riding

We have had a busy summer at KIFS! Our foster children have participated in a variety of therapeutic activities including art making, trauma informed yoga, and therapeutic horseback riding. One of our amazing KIFS kids wrote an article for us to share on her experience in the Milestones Therapeutic Horseback Riding program. What follows is her story.

Imagine the opportunity to help relieve stress and have something to support the mental health of both children and adults. Milestones Therapeutic Horseback Riding is a great opportunity for many people. I spoke to four children that had ridden in the past and a parent of nine previous riders.


KIFS foster children who participated in the program shared their experience:

”Personally I believe that Milestones was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed riding the horses. When riding the horses it took my mind off all the things I was worried about.”

“It was a very good experience and I really enjoyed it. My favorite part was when they taught us to trot.” and “It was fun and awesome, it was a good therapeutic activity.”

“I really like my horse and felt like I had a one on one relationship with my helper. My favorite part was when we trotted.”


It seemed like all had a great time!

One of the KIFS foster parents has nine children that have participated in the program. She shared:

“It is good for the kids and has taught them how to be kind to animals while teaching them how to ride. I would highly recommend this to people.”

Milestones has helped many people and taught riders what stirrups, pommel, reins, and canter is. The riders were also taught how to do a two point, trot, and steer the horses. Milestones Therapeutic Riding is a fantastic activity that I hope many others can experience.

Nicolette Meade