Giving Back: Christina Armstrong-Cattani

Fort Thomas resident Christina Armstrong-Cattani and her children volunteered to wrap gifts for our foster families during our annual Christmas wrapping program this past December. They have since been back to help out in the office at our Fort Thomas location. We are so thankful for our volunteers and to be part of this wonderful community that thrives on giving back!

Tell us about the volunteer work did you do with KIFS?

My son, daughter and I volunteered to wrap gifts during the Christmas holiday. I have since reached out to inquire on additional opportunities to volunteer and my daughter and I came to KIFS to clean toys for the kids who use them when they come into the Fort Thomas location.

What inspired you about this experience?

I am passionate about working with children and appreciated the opportunity to give back with my daughter and allow those working to help the children serve, have more time to do their work.

Is there a volunteering opportunity that resonates with you?

We are open to serving in any capacity that is needed whether at the KIFS office, or at a community event.

Christina Armstrong - Cattani & her daughter

Christina Armstrong - Cattani & her daughter

What currently has you most excited about KIFS?

The privilege of giving back to children in any way that provides them with a healthy environment, brings them happiness or provides for their needs.

What do you hope to accomplish with your support?

I hope to have the opportunity to connect more with the work KIFS is doing and give back in any way it is needed.

What is your story and how did you learn about our organization?

I learned about KIFS through a Facebook post, advertising the need for volunteers to gift wrap during the holidays. After learning about the work that the organization is doing, I immediately connected and would love to pursue additional opportunities to volunteer time in the future.

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