KIFS Is Growing


In London:

Samantha Woods is a part-time Case Manger for KIFS, and full-time Division Director of Community and Mental Health for the Department of Juvenile Justice. Samantha received her Masters of Education in Mental Health Counseling from Lindsey Wilson College. She enjoys spending time with family when not helping others.

Arlena Centers also works part-time as a Case Manager for KIFS, and is the District Supervisor for the Department of Juvenile Justice. Arlena received her Masters in Education from Lindsey Wilson College.


A little more than a year ago, KIFS moved to its current location in Fort Thomas, Kentucky; a lovely historic storefront.

The new office offered more space, but it has become clear more space is needed! KIFS has now taken over the upstairs office space and hopes to expand into the second half of the historic storefront.

Further expansion would allow for regular training space, increased storage and adequate office space for a growing staff. In the last two months KIFS staff has grown.

In Ft. Thomas:

Danny Bass works in the KIFS office to keep files up-to-date and the office organized. Danny recently completed her Certificate in Nursing Assistance.

Nick Sansone interned with KIFS over the last year while completing his Masters in Social Work at the University of Cincinnati. Nick joins the KIFS team full-time as a Case Manager. In the next year Nick will begin his Masters in Clinical Psychology through Capella University. Nick has eight years experience in addiction counseling and plays banjo.

Fay Blevins has been with KIFS since October 2017, behind the scenes, but joins the staff part-time as a Case Manager. Fay is an ordained minister with a Masters in Divinity from Lexington Theological Seminary. Fay has been a congregational minister, hospital chaplain, hospice bereavement counselor, and pre-school teacher. Fay’s family is her greatest joy.


James McDonough will complete his Masters in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati in the spring of 2019. When able to carve out some time from school and work, he enjoys playing basketball.

Jacqueline Unkrick will complete her Masters in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati Spring 2019. Serving others is in Jacqueline’s DNA, when not in school or working as an intern she’s working at Skyline in Harrison, OH.

Nicolette Meade