KIFS Training Fun at the Park


At regular intervals foster parents take ongoing training. The training provides useful tools and information to help them provide the best care and support for children who have experienced traumatic life experiences. At KIFS, while the parents are in class, the kids PLAY!

At our last training in August all the children in attendance went to the park to play, to just be kids. Jackie took a group to play volleyball and James took a group to play basketball. Krissie was on bathroom break duty and Fay watched those playing on the playground.


Meeting other children like themselves is helpful. At this particular training, it was a joy to watch our oldest children welcome and radically include a new child. By the end of the training, no one would have known these children met for the first time earlier that day.


It’s a powerful experience to watch all the children come together to play and even share stories of their experiences with one another. This time together can be therapeutic—children being present with children like themselves. Most foster children, even though there are far too many, don’t encounter many other foster children at school. Foster children can feel isolated and alone in their experience.

Nicolette Meade