Want to learn more about foster to adoption options?

KIFS works with our foster families who are interested in foster to adoption. Although our primary function is licensing and case management we have children that come into foster care and are available for adoption.

Foster to adoption is one of the many benefits of becoming a foster parent. Through being a foster parent you get to know a child and see if you can make it work together. 

We’ve all seen heartbreaking pictures of kids stuck in the limbo of the foster care system. Through adoption you give the gift of belonging. Belonging is a basic human need. We all need to know we are wanted and that we belong. Many children in foster care experience constant fear that if they do something wrong they will be given away. 

Thousands of older teens in foster care are waiting for adoption across the United States. Their experience in foster care reflects great diversity and their paths to adulthood are varied. Some find permanency through adoption or guardianship, while others age out of the system. Regardless of their path, they all have an important story to share, and their insights can inspire their peers and inform professionals on the unique challenges and opportunities that face older youth.

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