Foster Parent Stories: Katie

How did you get involved in fostering children? How did you find KIFS Foster Care?

We started out as a kinship family. We in process of our fifth adoption. We have a sibling group of four. Before KIFS we were with the State of KY because that’s where you go for babies. Then we met a little girl being fostered through KIFS, and she was the sweetest thing ever. We fell in love with her.

What struggles have you encountered through fostering?

The hardest part is you don’t have any control over what is going to happen. Leaving fate up in the air is a little scary. 

Why should others consider fostering?

The scary part is that you don’t know what going to happen and you might not like the ending. The kids happily ever after and yours might not be the same. But, every kid who comes to us knows what it is like to have love without limits.

After the children are gone we still have little window into their world through social media. However, we don’t cross the boundaries and we are not involved in their life. 

What joys have you encountered through fostering?

One of our very young foster children was basically raising her younger sister because she had essentially taken on the caregiver role. I remember there came a moment when she realized we were going to take care of her and her little sister. She went and played, she was suddenly able to just be a child.

I can call Jess in the middle of the night and tell her whatever happens and she answers the phone, she cares about what is going to happen with them. It’s a tiny agency that loves their kids, they are not overwhelmed by tons of kids. They treat you like family and that is the best part.
— Katie, KIFS foster parent
Honestly I feel like KIFS agency is the best. I can’t imagine being with an agency where you are just a number.
— Katie, KIFS foster parent

What have you learned about yourselves through fostering?

That there is always something left to give, even when you think you have nothing left you can always find a little bit more. If KIFS calls, we can make room. 

What myths would you like to dispel about foster parenting?

People assume we are in this for the money. If you are doing it the right way there is no money left. The children require all of it. 

That social workers don’t care. I haven’t yet met a social worker that didn’t fiercely love their kids.

Nicolette Meade