Foster Parent Stories: Pauline


How did you get involved in fostering children?

Through our church. My husband said the Lord was calling him to take in foster kids. Lynn, the former CEO of KIFS was at our church for an event and I talked to Lynn and we decided to do it.

There were so many children in foster care and needed guidance. 

What struggles have you encountered through fostering?

Struggles with the biological parents, you know everything that has been done to them and still have to let them see them. Many older children are set in their ways. Social media can be a challenge.

We sit down and talk to our foster children about what can happen to them and give them guidance. We love them, and try to protect them. We stay after them because them because we care. 

If I have a candy bar we split it 9 ways.

Why should others consider fostering?

There are so many children out there that need love and care. They need guidance, they have often raised themselves and need love and attention. We bring them to church, try to get them on the right track. If it wasn’t for God, I would not be doing this. I could not do this without God. We pray at every meal, our children goes to church, sing in choir, and help in children’s church. We keep them involved. 

What activities are your children in?

They are in band, cheerleading, basketball, soccer. They are in sports all the time. We also do lots of church activities and other activities like skating and horseback riding.

What has been your experience working with KIFS?

KIFS has been very supportive. Anytime I call they are there for us. They are always trying to put us in extra activities. The case workers will leave their family to come to us and they treat us with the utmost respect. When we have a problem with our children it’s their problem too. KIFS has been really good to us. We have been with them over 10 years. 

You’ll never feel so much love for some of the children. It’s amazing the feeling you get from taking in children and loving them like your own. I would take them all if they would let me. We have our ups and downs, but we always love our children. We understand that everyone has their good and bad days. When we sit down, it brings us together. We love and hug each other. There is always another day. 
— Pauline, KIFS Foster Parent

What benefits are your children getting out of the horseback riding program?

Riding a horse helps with behaviors. By teaching the children how to brush the horses, keep them clean, and put the saddles away helps them learn and practice responsibility.

What joys have you encountered through fostering?

I love my children and all my children are active which brings joy to me. I have nine children that I love. I can share with them, they share with me and we learn from each other. Our conversations brings us closer together. I teach them to live for God.

We love taking the kids on vacations. We recently went to Florida for 10 days with all the kids. We went to Sea World, Busch Gardens, rode the airboats at the Everglades to see the alligators, we rented a big house that slept 18 with a pool in the backyard. We had a blast. We have plans to take them to Jamaica.

We want them to be involved in the things we like. 

What have you learned about yourselves through fostering?

That I can give more love to as many children as they give me. We enjoy doing things together, they are our children in our hearts. When they move into our home we treat them like our children. When they hurt, we hurt. We want them to be somebody someday, to get an education and have a wonderful life.

Nicolette Meade